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Beware Medical Costs

For those not on Medicare. Please click the links below to learn about the lack of cost transparency, and the dangers of unknowingly incurring Out of Network charges.  Please use your health plan’s smartphone app, or website, or 24 hour nurse line, to find their in-network Urgent Cares or Hospitals in an emergency.


Feel free to contact us for further information.

The Bill For His COVID Test In Texas Was A Whopping $54,000

Kaiser Health and NPR Shed Light on US Health Care Prices

Big ER bill Because Hospital Couldn't Test for Virus

How to fight an outrageous medical bill

PBS "My health insurance nightmare and what I’m doing from now on"

NY Times "Insurers’ Flawed Directories Leave Patients Scrambling for In-Network Doctors"

Solving Surprise Medical Bills

How to Protect Patients from Unexpected Medical Bills

Emergency Room Doctors Out of Network

Consumer Reports: Outrageous Cost of health Care

Medical Identity Theft

Urgent Care Bills

Avoid Surprise Out-Of-Network Charges

Surprise Ambulance Bills: A Consumer’s Guide

Click the link below to find a surgery center that lists prices online!

Surgery Pricing

$11,000 ER bill may have lasting effects

Patients face expensive ER bills

Two Babies, Two Very Different Price Tags

Appendicitis Is Painful — Add A $41,212 Surgery Bill To The Misery

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