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MacFerrin Financial is a group and individual benefit brokerage firm committed to providing extraordinary value to our clients. For more than 35 years we have built trusting relationships through our dedication to providing a caring and common sense approach to the complex world of insurance. We welcome the opportunity to meet you.

Our agency has received Platinum Status and Gold Status Brokers by UnitedHealthCare, and the Top Agency Award by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

Premiums do not differ based upon which broker you use; what we provide as brokers is assistance deciding which plan is right for your personal needs, education about the plan benefits and limitations, and making that plan work for you when you need it. We are not motivated to make sales numbers or commission bonuses. We provide excellent and personal service to our trusting clients and build on long-standing relationships. We are honest and respectful and expect honesty and respect in return. We are required to disclose that we may receive commission on any product we provide, but we are not always paid for our work as some products we recommend or some of the work we do pays no commission at all. See our Commissions Page for more information, and please do not hesitate to inquire on the commission we receive from your policy.

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